Just like a physician will do a thorough examination and testing before recommending treatment, CCR will analyze and assess all conflict situations before determining an appropriate resolution process. Diagnosing conflict in this way significantly increases the likelihood of a successful resolution process and decreases the amount of time required to resolve the situation.

CCR’s experience has shown that the key to resolving conflict successfully is utilizing the appropriate conflict resolution process. CCR has developed a Conflict Diagnostic method based on accepted conflict theory that determines the conflict resolution process best suited to the situation. This analysis takes into consideration the type of conflict, the individuals involved, the cause(s) of the conflict, the corporate culture and environment, and the goals and priorities of those involved, including the organization as a whole.

The goals of a Conflict Diagnostic are:

  • To identify all individuals involved in and affected by the conflict so that resolution can be all-inclusive
  • To identify all relevant issues (real and perceived) so that resolution can be complete
  • To identify appropriate processes to address the situation so that resolution can be timely and cost-effective