Conflict is for the Birds!

logo Conflict for the Birds

Conflict is for the Birds looks at the positive potential of conflict – potential that derives from making appropriate choices in how we respond to conflict. Conflict is for the Birds identifies five distinct conflict management styles – the Woodpecker, the Parakeet, the Ostrich, The Owl and the Hummingbird – and explains the unique strengths and challenges of each. Understanding how we can make positive choices in responding to conflict is the first step in resolving our differences.

Conflict is for the Birds resources include:

  • Personal Assessment Instrument
  • Facilitator’s Guide\Administrator’s Manual
  • Participant’s Workbook
  • Training Certificates
  • Conflict is for the Birds: Understanding Your Conflict Management Style (book)


logo ORGPulse

ORGPULSETM is an extensively tested online tool that measures and tracks the pulse of your organization in eleven areas with uncanny accuracy and results. It will assess the level of functional harmony within your organization, providing an accurate picture of the climate, challenges, and opportunities that your organization faces.

ORGPULSETM can help your organization replicate successes, resolve current issues, and prepare for upcoming challenges. Given a clear and unbiased view of the organization from all levels, you will be positioned to initiate effective change, implement appropriate resolution processes, and maintain functional harmony within your organization.

Core Leadership

Core Leadership for Transformational Human Interaction

The Core Leadership Program does not teach you to be a leader. Rather, it provides you with the expertise, opportunity and support so that you can learn to become a great leader.

The Core Leadership Program is designed to help move good leaders to great leaders and potential leaders to practiced leaders. Consisting of a combination of in-class sessions, online discussions, group and individual coaching over a period of 3-6 months, the program takes an innovative approach to the organizational challenges and complex issues that workplaces are currently facing. That’s because we understand that leadership is at the core of organizational innovation, stability and adaptability. Through a combination of theory, reflection, and practice the program offers an opportunity to increase self-awareness, enhance knowledge, and build skills needed in leadership and the human interactions required in the leadership role. If there were ever a time for leaders and emerging leaders to invest in becoming great leaders, now’s the time!