Centre for Conflict Resolution International

Centre for Conflict Resolution International
Helping people resolve workplace conflict worldwide

Conflict is for the Birds! Conflict is for the Birds!

Find out if your conflict management style is helping your relationships or hurting them. You can become one of those people who always seem to handle a difficult situation well! This 1-day program is offered on April 10, 9-4pm. Help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary and take advantage of this special rate of just $20 ! (regular program fee $595)

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Conflicts in the workplace can be extremely complex. There may be numerous parties involved and widely divergent interests. Differing interpretations of policies, collective agreements, or legislation may add to the inability of the parties to reach agreement.

In such situations, the disputing parties may agree to arbitration. CCR International Arbitrators will listen to all sides of the story. They are well versed in issues of legislation, collective agreements, and corporate policy-making. They will make decisions that are fair, impartial and in keeping with all laws governing the workplace.