Training is a key component in building a conflict-competent organization – a company that has the internal capacity to manage and resolve conflicts as they arise.

The training programs we offer include personal skill-building courses that are appropriate for all employees at all levels as well as more specialized programs appropriate for those who have particular responsibility for addressing conflict situations (HR, Labor Relations, Senior Management, Union Heads, etc.).

CCR’s training programs provide sound theory and practical skills in a supportive, enjoyable, and dynamic learning environment.

Training programs offered by CCR include:

  • Conflict is for the Birds!
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Conflict Diagnostics
  • Mediation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills for the Workplace
  • Personalities and Conflict
  • Core Leadership

Don’t see a course that meets your needs? CCR International has extensive experience in the design and development of Training Programs related to workplace conflict including topics such as: Building a Respectful Workplace, Harassment Prevention, Communication Skills, and Emotional Intelligence.